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Tips for Interior Painting Purchasing. 1. Make sure to buy a quart first rather than buying a lot of it in case that you are still uncertain of the color. Paint a piece of a foam board and then move it around the room in order to see on how the light would affect the color at different times of the day. 2. Know the square footage of the room that you plan to paint before you to go the store. And covering rough, unprimed or textured surfaces may need more. 3. Be certain not to apply oil on the latex and vice versa without sanding the walls first (be sure to wear a mask when doing this) and then with the use of a tack cloth, wipe away the dust particles. Then place a primer with similar composition, either a latex or oil, of the intended topcoat. And in order for you to know whether the current color of your wall is water or oil based, obtain a white cloth and soak it in a rubbing alcohol then rub it on the wall. And it is surely a water based paint if the paint on the wall will soften and start to transfer on the cloth. And if the paint is oil based, then the alcohol will not be able to take away the color.
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4. Make sure not to undervalue on how long it will take for the job to be finished. Permit at least a day for the paint to dr before you bring everything back inside the room. And also, be sure to allot about 14 to 30 days before you start washing or wiping.
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5. The paints also have VOC or volatile organic chemicals which can release harmful gases into the air for a couple of years after the room has been painted. Make sure to only buy paints that has low or no volatile organic chemicals at all. The paints that have green seals have a volatile organic chemicals of about less than 150 grams per liter of non-flat as well as less than 50 grams per liter for flat. Get ready. Keep in mind that paint don’t usually stick so well to the dirty walls, for this reason, be certain that you wash it with soap and water and then rinse again after. Then permit the paint to dry overnight. 5. Make sure the ceiling is clean before you start painting. There will definitely be dust and cobwebs that you just don’t notice. Make benefit of the china bristle brush or old paintbrush in dusting the baseboards, trim and then mold before taping them off.