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The Effects of Driving on the Environment Having an automobile is one of the dreams of every human. Buying a vehicle is the greatest thing one could accomplish. It is a good dream, but have ever asked yourself how driving could affect the environment? Due to the melting of polar ice and subsequent rising of ocean water due to global warming would cause islands to submerge. The increase of vehicles has caused carbon emission to increase. Vehicles that use gasoline and diesel are the major source of carbon monoxide that is released into the atmosphere daily. It feels good to own car, but you should be responsible. The auto manufacturing firms should find the best ways to reduce the pollution that is caused by carbon emissions from vehicles. There are alternative to gasoline and diesel cars. The gasoline and diesel cars could be replaced with solar driven cars. Electric cars have also been witnessed in the recent past. Everything should be done to make sure that the carbon emissions are minimized or eliminated altogether.
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Huge emissions of carbon in the cities are attributed to the huge traffic. Huge traffic is attributed to the huge emissions of carbon in the urban centers. Carbon emissions have been witnessed to contribute to smoke fog.
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Global warming is directly caused by the emission of carbons. Carbon monoxide gas has been known to cause global warming effects. The carbon monoxide gasses cause the global warming. The gradual but steady rise in temperatures have caused the polar ice to melt hence causing an increase in ocean waters. If the polar ice continue melting islands are expected to start disappearing due to submersion. Some countries may become a past tense in future if the global warming is not going to be curbed. The direct sun rays could cause skin cancer. So it is important for the governments of the world to come together and save the situation. The devastating effects of global warming could only be reduced or eliminated through efforts of the major players in the world. The large manufacturers of vehicles should be involved in coming up with measures that would reduce carbon emission. So when you buy a car consider the environment too. Carbon emissions could be reduced if people opt to use public vehicles; the maintenance of vehicles is also paramount. The old vehicles on the road should be removed from the roads. Driving should be made less harmless to our environment.